Killing Floor 2 Perks Guide Part 1

Killing Floor 2 Perks Guide Part 1

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Murdering Floor 2 has simply left Steam Early Access and discharged for the PlayStation 4. Presently is an ideal time to get into the diversion and mess around with some community Zed killing activity. In the event that this is your first time playing at that point, you’ll rapidly locate that each of the 10 Perks (or classes) have an altogether different playstyle and finding the correct one for you can be the distinction between having a decent time or being unimaginably baffled.

This guide will inform you regarding each of the 10 Perks, what they exceed expectations at, which weapons are the best for them, which aptitudes you ought to use as you level up, and which of alternate Perks supplement each other best. Once you’ve perused our guide, you ought to go from a confounded novice to a sure Killing Floor 2 ace in a matter of moments.


The Berserker is Killing Floor 2’s skirmish master, so in case you’re the sort of individual that likes to get very close with foes, this is the Perk you’ll need to run with. This Perk can be somewhat harder to play effectively than the others on account of the consideration you’ll have to pay to your environment and the additional entanglement of the Melee Weapons framework.

As you will be amidst the shred, as a Berserker you’ll be considerably less demanding for Zed to encompass. In spite of the fact that you do have the upside of not having the capacity to be gotten, massed Zed can cut you down quick in case you’re not on your toes. The way to utilizing the Berserker is the best possible utilization of blocking and repelling, which is something that lone skirmish weapons can do, and doing beyond any doubt to change up from general assaults for littler Zed and power assaults for the huge young men. The Berserker’s EMP projectiles can stagger Zed also, so on the off chance that you get encompassed, toss one down before you and hightail it out.

Berserker abilities give you a blend of more wellbeing, more speed, and more grounded assaults. The two primary forms for this Perk are to either be a capable tank, doing monstrous skirmish harm and having enough wellbeing to remain in the fight for broadened timeframes, or to be a speed evil presence, moving around bigger Zed and striking when the time is correct.

The Berserker is best used by tying up the foe so your mates with extended weapons can pick off the Zed endeavoring to encompass you without getting encircle themselves. You will be in the focal point of the fight so any Perk that can ensure you don’t get overpowered or that Zed don’t move beyond you will make an incredible accomplice.


The Commando is the eyes and ears of a Killing Floor 2 squad, and the nearness of one is continually going to make a match somewhat less demanding. Their essential help is the capacity to spot close-by shrouded foes, which takes the shrouding Stalker Zed from a danger to a disturbance. The Commando Perk is one of the most straightforward to play beginning and requires strategies that are commonplace to anybody that has played a first-individual shooter some time recently.

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The Commando’s fundamental weapon is the ambush rifle, which exceeds expectations at bringing down low-medium quality Zed. Be that as it may, against bigger Zed the Commando needs to depend on his partners to bargain the harm, however the HE Grenade they convey is great at doling out high harm in a little span.

Commandos run awesome with Demolitionists where their high rate of shoot can keep Zed under control while the Demolitionist reloads their moderate discharging weapons. A Demolitionist can likewise help Commandos with bigger Zed that would somehow be hard to bring down. Berserkers are likewise great accomplices for Commandos as they can keep adversaries under control while the Commando’s high-rate-of-flame cuts down littler Zed from a separation. Because of the rate at which Commandos exhaust ammunition, having a Support player close-by to resupply you is dependably an assistance as well.

Commando aptitudes concentrate on reload speed and ammunition limit. Having a blend of these two is best with the goal that you can have a higher well of ammunition to draw on while ensuring that magazines are changed rapidly enough to shield you from being helpless.


The Support Perk exceeds expectations at fixing off section focuses and clearing tight spaces. Their shotgun makes them unchallenged with regards to passageways and entryways, and they’re ready to weld entryways close speedier than some other Perk.

The Support Perk begins as being less intense than alternate Perks and until the point when you level it up a few, you may be baffled in the outcomes you’re getting. Nonetheless, once you are very brave the aptitudes that expansion your harm, shot infiltration, and ammunition limit, the Support changes into a harm juggernaut. You additionally have the pivotal part of giving ammunition to your colleagues, and once each round they can approach you and get an additional magazine for their weapon.

The moderate reload time of the Support’s shotgun implies they are best joined forces with classes like the Commando or SWAT that can set down stifling shoot while they back off and reload. The Gunslinger is likewise a major help as they can pick off littler targets rapidly at short-run. The Firebug can debilitate foes with their flamethrowers so it brings less shells to bring down a gathering, and makes a great complimentary accomplice also.


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